Silicon Gel-Filled Mammary &Gluteal implant

Bellagel implant is silicone gel implants for women who desire mammary augmentation surgery. It can be used for both aesthetic and reconstructive purpose. Its physical strength is better than competitive products and it has more various sizes and types.FDA approved silicone raw material are used for Bellagel.


PDMS ( Poly-Dimethyl Siloxane ) This is the purist form of Medical grade / Implant grade silicone







• Easy to put it in the body because of Softness
• It gives a patient more natural looks when they are lying on
• Less scar than texture type implant


• Rough surface makes less capsular contracture rate
• Minimum move inside the body(It keeps the implant staying right position)


Most popular shape worldwide. Provides greater cleavage and ample in the aerial allocation of the breast. Textured surface induces tissue in-growth between the implant and surrounding tissue. It reduces the movement of implant, reducing the chances of capsular contracture, Advanced barrier layer technology also reduces gel bleeding And rupture rate.


It provides more natural and well proportional appearance. Strong cohesive gel ensures its consistent anatomical shape. BellaGel’s surface texture design promotes soft tissue and prosthetic adhesion. Orientation marks on anatomical implants assist doctors with positioning of implant. Moderate and Tall height Anatomical implants are available to better suit clients with different heights and body figures. Various volumes with different heights will offer solutions to every patient’s needs leading to higher satisfaction.


Conical shaped implant with 100% gel filing rate and firmer cohesive gel creates natural and younger appearance even under gravity. Sharper bottom edges contour better fits to the shape of the surrounding tissue.

BellaGel SIZER

BellaGel Sizer is made of the same FDA approved silicone raw material as BellaGel implants, and it is used for temporary intraoperative placement marked for the volume.