Effective meshing with or without carriers


I. The Humeca mesher with V-carriers
The Humeca® mesher is provided with a unique spring mechanism that prevents the blades from excessive pressure on the carrier during cutting, thus increasing the life time of the blades. The mesher can be adjusted in two positions: one to fit V10- or Zimmer® carriers and one to fit V15- or Aesculap® / B.Braun® carriers.
During cutting the carrier is guided both at the left and the right side to assure straight movement and exact connection of the grooves of a second carrier if applied.
Unlike most conventional meshers, where the carrier is moved through the device by means of intermittent pulling a ratchet, the Humeca® mesher is driven by the continuous rotation of a handle. The rotation makes meshing procedure less time consuming and the design is far more ergonomic.
Opening the bridge of the mesher allows easy access to the cutting axis for cleaning and inspection.

II. The ECON mesher
Humeca presents the ECON mesher to complete the line of products for mesh grafting. This new mesher was designed for skin grafting at relative low cost, as it does not require the use of any additional disposables (carriers). The mesher is available with a knob drive and a ratchet drive. It operates like a pair of scissors, which means there are no sharp blades inside. Graft length is unlimited while graft width is limited to a maximum of about 75 mm. The expansion is fixed to a ratio of about 1:2,5.

Mesher features

I. Most important features of the Humeca mesher with carriers:

• Robust and durable construction
• Compatible with Humeca® V-carriers of all types (V10 and V15)
• Compatible with Zimmer® and Aesculap® / B.Braun® carriers
• Spring mechanism prevents blades damage
• Continuous rotational drive; no intermittent pulling of a ratchet
• Measures lxwxh: 220x212x183 mm (8.7×8.3×7.2″).
• Weight: 4.4 kg (9.7 lb)
• Cutting axis can easily be replaced
• Compact st. steel sterilization case available, lxwxh: 277x232x197 mm (10.9×9.1×7.8″)


II. Features of the ECON mesher:

• Robust and durable construction
• Expansion ratio: 1:2,5
• Exchangeable knob- and ratchet drive
• Maximum graft width to handle: 75 mm (2,95″)
• Weight ratchet version: 1,62 kg (3,0 lbs or 7,6 oz)
• Weight knob version: 1,73 kg (3,2 lbs or 8,2 oz)
• Size ratchet version .135x130x82 mm (5,3×5,1×3,2″)
• Size knob version (wxlxh): 147x130x82 mm (5,8×5,1×3,2″)