Panthenol Shampoo



• For dandruff & seborrheaic dermatitis

• Increased production of hair oil


• It Contains the effective concentration of the active substances –octopirox (pirocton olamine), which operates a variety of mechanisms against the originators of the formation of dandruff, yeast Melassezia furfur.
• D-panthenol penetrates deep into the structure of the hair and scalp, has a positive effect on the quality and growth of hair,
• Reduces the loss of natural moisture, improves their brilliance, the feeling to the touch and flexibility.
• Fine surfactants that gently, but effectively washed hair and scalp.


Apply the shampoo on wet hair and massage the skin of the scalp untill foam is formed. Let the shampoo act for some time. Then wash your hair thoroughly.

Pack Size: 250ml


Dexapanthenol 2% | Octopirox :5%