Princess FILLER

Princess® Filler - gel preparation for injecting implants. The product has no color, nor any foreign matter, completely safe and completely decomposes in the body. Thanks isotonic composition, it does not cause destruction of the components of the blood after administration.
The main active component of the drug - hyaluronic acid, characterized by a cross-linked structure. This compound was synthesized microorganisms of the genus -. Streptococcus equi contents of each capsule is a viscoelastic solution in which the hyaluronic acid concentration does not exceed 23 mg / ml, since it is this ratio has minimal effect on the acidity of the internal fluids.

All photos are made immediately before and immediately after injection. All the photos are not retouched. The work performed by Dr. Marina Landau (Israel) 18.09.2014.  The correction was conducted in the area of cheekbones with Princess Volume and area nasolacrimal furrow via Princess Filler drug.