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Biorevitalization - youth and naturalness

Biorevitalization and mesotherapy - what's the difference?

Biorevitalization as the concept and the procedure was born relatively recently, and often this method name is a more general concept - mesotherapy . And if the latter concept includes all mesopreparations injectable treatments for skin rejuvenation, the biorevitalization carried hyaluronic acid. There are also a number of technical features and the use of drugs in the same destination specifics of a particular procedure.

Hyaluronic biorevitalization - magic cosmetology

Indeed the effect of hyaluronic acid biorevitalisation easily compare magic. All this is because the result of the procedure is noticeable almost immediately. The skin is smoothed, is hydrogenated, it becomes elastic, well-groomed. And to achieve results almost do not have to suffer pain - minor, and of course they can not be compared with the fact that the patient's experience in plastic surgery. Although in reality the magic wand - the properties of hyaluronic acid , which is getting into the dermis, provides its physiological homeostasis natural way.

How long the effect will be kept and what is the result of resistance held biorevitalisation will depend on several factors:
- Physiological characteristics of each individual client;
- Professionalism of the master;
- Additional care after treatment;
- The quality of the drug used - biorevitalizanta.
The first time a client physiology - timeless aspect, but the rest is quite possible to monitor and take into account that will provide a more stable prolonged effect. One should note that the exercise injection techniques should be a specialist with medical education. Princess biorevitalization - choice, worthy of respect Quality preparation for biorevitalisation - the important point that will help avoid the problems of complications. It is understood by professionals and their clients cosmetology. So when it comes to health and beauty, choose premium quality drug Princess® the Rich . Like all medicines Princess Filler - birevitalizant Princess® Rich meets the highest European requirements, tested and certified. Preparation for biorevitalisation Princess - the result of years of work of professionals who are betting on innovation and quality. That is why biorevitalization Princess won millions of fans around the world. Beauty and health eternal values.

All photos are made immediately before and immediately after injection. All the photos are not retouched. The work performed by Dr. Marina Landau (Israel) 09.18.2014.  The  correction of the lips  and nasolabial folds doctors used medication Princess Filler, and was held  biorevitalization  in the neck area of drug Princess the Rich.