Princess Volume

Princess Volume - This biodegradable drug prolonged exposure to high purity. . Thanks to the flawless structure is distributed accurately and evenly in the tissue lining the structure and adjusting the skin texture while preserving natural and environmental homogeneity of the structure and softness provides a monophasic gel. The amount of hyaluronic acid contained in each syringe - 1.00 ml. Assign the drug when it is necessary adjust the relief and restore lost volume of tissues.Princess Volume -very flexible, resilient with dynamic system volume. Introduced easily, instantly restores lost volume, smoothes wrinkles and folds. The results after the administration of even large volumes are always natural. The effect of 8 to 12 months. The area of the drug is indicated on the image below:

All photos are made immediately before and immediately after injection. All the photos are not retouched. The work performed by Dr. Marina Landau (Israel) 18.09.2014.  The correction was conducted in the area of cheekbones with Princess Volume and area nasolacrimal furrow via Princess Filler drug.