The resorbable epithelialisation replacement

Suprathel®is an innovative resorbable wound covering for the treatment of burns, donor sites and post-trauma skin defects. Suprathel® is a skin substitute that sticks directly to the wound and automatically lets go again after complete epithelialisation. Suprathel® does not require any change of dressing, which means that uninterrupted wound-healing is possible.


SUPRATHEL was developed for the treatment of epidermal and dermal wounds. SUPRATHEL covers a wide range of wound care: Burns: Partial thickness (superficial partial thickness and deep partial thickness) Split-thickness skin graft (STSG) donor sites Partial and full thickness wounds (incl. Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN)) Large scale abrasions.


Composition Lacto-capromer, main constituent: Polylactic acid Degradation 4 weeks (hydrolytically) Plasticity > 200 % elongation at break Permeability to water vapor 40 - 70 ml/m2 (hour) approx. 1.000 - 1.700 per day pH 5.5 (initial) → 4.0 in vitro


Significantly less pain
Clinical studies confirm a significant reduction of pain through the use ofSuprathel®
Uninterrupted wound-healing
Suprathel® does not have to be replaced, so the would can be left to heal without interruption
Suprathel®is permeable to wound fluid, oxygen and water vapour
Suprathel®is completely resorbable
Excellent patient comfort
Suprathel®is less inconvenient for the patient, because it does not need any painful change of dressing
Less pain, reduction of analgesic therapy is therefore possible
Suprathel® remains elastic and flexible and does not dry out
remains elastic and flexible and does not dry out
Patients can begin remobilization faster
Children can move around easily and painlessly
Easy to apply
Suprathel® sticks directly to the wound, fixation is not necessary
Suprathel® is flexible in use, even on anatomically difficult places such as the hands, face, etc.
Reduction of treatment time
Suprathel® stays on the wound until complete wound-closure, so fewer secondary changes of dressing are necessary
Suprathel® is transparent, so the wound bed can be inspected

Clinical case studies

See the Suprathel® case of ‘Treatment of donor site’

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