Silver Alginate Dressing


The silver content is 50µg/100 cm2. The silver particles are in the form of encapsulated metallic silver, which is very stable and won't be oxidized even on exposure to light.
LUOFUCON® Silver Alginate Dressing is proved to have broad spectrum antibacterial effect, based on in vitro laboratory testing.

Silver Release

LUOFUCON® Silver Alginate Dressing leaches about 57% of the total silver during the first 24 hours, and 30%, 24% of its total silver during 24-48, 48-72 hours, respectively.


Antibacterial test in vitro;
Highly absorbent;
Maintain moist environment, Accelerate granulation of various wound
Easy application and removal;
Absorbent and conform to the shape of a wound;
Good air permeability, excellent biocompatibility.
No adhere to the wound
Activate thrombinogen and improve hemostasis

Indications for Use

Silver Alginate is indicated for use in the management of all moderate to heavily exuding partial to full thickness wounds where wounds are critically colonised (infected) or at increased risk of infection including:
• Post-operative wounds
• Trauma wounds (dermal lesions, trauma injuries or incisions)
• Leg ulcers
• Pressure ulcers
• Diabetic ulcers
• Graft and donor sites
• Cavity wounds
• Superficial and partial thickness burns