In co-operation with the Dutch surgeon dr. Willem Nugteren, Humeca developed a dermatome for freehanded harvesting of a 30 mm (1¼") wide split skin graft with a pre- determined thickness of about 0.25 mm (0.01"). The product is called the ‘SOBER’ dermatome (from an English translation of the phonetic last name of the inventor).

Based on his experience with surgery in third world countries, it became clear that a portable, economical and simple, yet efficient dermatome would be a very useful tool for skin grafting. The dermatome is held firmly against the tautly held skin at a pre-determined angle and a graft of the desired length is quickly cut. No lateral movements are required.


The blade in the dermatome is a double facet grinded type, similar to the Humeca® D42 and D80 blades. It is inserted in the SOBER dermatome by loosening a screw. The tool to do this is integrated in the grip, so it can never be lost and it is always ready at hand.


The SOBER dermatome offers the surgeon a low-cost alternative to the more elaborate mechanical dermatomes, whenever small grafts are needed. The low price and robust, durable construction make the instrument a very suitable tool for use in third world countries and remote clinics.