SureDerm™ is acellular human dermis, which is intended for the repair or replacement of damaged soft tissue. SureDerm™ can be used as a substitute for autograft with its equal usage, effect and safety while it solves donor site trauma followed by autograft. SureDerm™ is made of donated human tissue by special process of high technology. Main purpose of this technological process is to be easily transplanted without rejection by eliminating immune response. When healed, SureDerm™ eventually becomes the patient’s own tissue.


Human tissue has highly complicate structure of Epidermis which contacts first to external environment in paper-thickness and Dermis which is 1-2mm in thickness and located in lower layer of Epidermis. Dermis contains connective tissue including complex matrix of collagen, elastin, laminin of bioactive protein and blood vessel channel so that it conducts very important role to make human tissue resilient and functional. SureDerm™ keeps this biological dermal matrix from donated human skin while it keeps no cells regulating immune response. Therefore SureDerm™ can be transplanted smoothly without rejection and serves as tissue reconstruction. de-sloughing large areas of necrotic and sloug.

Main process to make these possible is decellularization and lyophilization using a patented technology of HANS BIOMED.


The donor skin processed for SureDerm™ is procured by AATB guideline-submissive US tissue banks that screen the donors extremely. Screening donor contains cause of death, serology and microbiology, physical examination and history.
Blood samples of the donor skin are tested to give confidence to its safety.
Main tests are for –
Antibody to hepatitis C virus / Antibody to human immunodeficiency virus 1,2
Antibody to human T-Lymphotropic virus 1,2 / Hepatitis B surface antigen / Syphilis


Provides same effect and safety as an autograft while reduces donor site trauma. No reactivity – Graft remodels like autogenous tissue No migration – Graft integrates into surrounding tissue Cost effective – Graft reduces surgery time. Easy of use – 10 minutes rehydration is only requirement before operation. No test required. Multiple usage – can be used for a variety of surgical procedures with its own elasticity. Long shelf life – 2 years under refrigeration


Soft tissue coverage
Hypertrophic scar revision
Facial soft tissue repair
Skin defect, Burn wound allograft
Protective covering for nerves, tendons

Size & Thickness

Thickness : 0.8-1.0mm / over 1.0mm
Size : 1×2, 1×4, 2×4, 3×7, 4×8, 5 × 8, 4 x 12cm
Configuration : Mesh / Non-mesh