Our Company

BIOwel sciences specialize in high performing devices & innovative products in aesthetic dermatology , burns , wound care and diagnostic equipments designed to meet practitioner’s needs. We’ve done extensive research to bring the best, clinically-proven range of skincare, burns, wound care products, devices and treatments from around the world. Our range of medical-grade devices and treatments has been specially selected according to their clinical efficacy and safety profile so that you get the best, natural, lasting results.
Thanks to its steady and sustainable growth over the years, Biowel sciences is nowadays positioned among the most reputable companies e in terms of performances, reliability and quality of the products & devices delivered , not forgetting the prompt and daily support of key opinion leaders with the help of whom skills we anticipate market trends with innovative products. Through its operation, BIOWELL SCIENCES makes important contributions to improvements in health and quality of life.

CEO Message

With the aging population on the increase, the importance of looking youthful cannot be underestimated. Our clients have higher expectations with regards to their appearance and their need to ‘look the way they feel’. In this regards, we at biowel sciences are committed to delivering innovative medical solutions to meet the dermatological needs of people throughout their lifetime while serving healthcare professionals all around.
The importance of effective wound care cannot be underestimated. Wounds in complex patients and those that are poorly managed can lead to the development of a chronic wound. Wound management has made rapid advances over the last 25 years and with increase in the understanding of the biology of chronic non-healing wounds, this advancement is likely to continue.
In general, approximately 6.5 million people required medical intervention for chronic wounds at a cost of $25bn 2. These figures do not consider the social burden created by people with such wounds, including inability to work, mental health problems and the treatment of recurrent infections. Keeping this scenario in mind we introduced a wide range of wound dressing in Pakistan which promotes wound healing rapidly leading to the desired clinical results, it can be judged to be cost effective.
I feel proud to present my team which is highly qualified, well trained and motivated. I personally believe that a dedicated and thoroughly professional field force is in mutual benefit of customers and company. So in order to equip them with the latest technology information, we train our team via international as well as local trainings so as to be well informed about innovations and advancements in the ever growing pharma industry.
We continue to stand committed to our pursuit for excellence in everything that we do with the conviction to make a difference in people’s lives, holding firmly to the belief that for every problem there is a remedy.