The company BIOWELSCIENCES was established in 2010 under the leadership of CEO Dr Wasim Mirza. The visionary leadership analyzes the gap in Aesthetic medi- cine and started the company with first division as Aesthetic Division. Imported the effective Products from Uk and other countries around the world. This division flour- ished and later the company launched two other divisions Wound care division and Diagnostic division.


Our vision is to be the most respected and leading company in Aesthetic and wound care market by 2016 by providing effective and latest prod- ucts and excellent services.


Today the world has become a global village and thus, the ways of com- munication become faster providing more awareness to people that how they can look younger, beautiful and healthy. In this challenging scenario our mission is to provide latest and cutting edge technology in Cosmo- dermatological products, Burn and wound care products, laser machines for skin treatment and state of the art laboratory equipment of high effica- cy with excellent quality, with a responsibility that what we provide is of a high standard product.